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Great Tips For Getting the Most For Your Jewelry

When it comes to selling jewelry, you have plenty of options, but not all of them are going to result in getting what you deserve. Selling to friends or family members, for instance, could result in significant price drops. And selling online via sites like Craigslist could leave you with nothing. Instead, you need to […]

Do you Need a Palladium Buyer?

At Las Vegas Jewelry & Coin Buyers Inc., we’ve been in the business for well over 20 years. We have plenty of experience buying and selling international coins, currency, jewelry, and fine metals. For added convenience, we function on both a local and national scale.

What Percentage of Dental Gold is Real?

If you’re thinking about selling a gold crown, filling, or old bridge, you may have wondered “Is dental gold real gold?” The short answer is, yes, although it is a bit more complicated than that. Here’s everything you need to know about dental gold, including why dentists use it, how much it’s worth, and how to tell if your dental gold is real.

10k vs. 14k. vs. 18k vs. 24k Gold: Which is Best for Me?

Everyone loves a good piece of gold jewelry, but not everyone can tell the difference among different types of gold. People usually associate look with quality. However, certain differentiating factors can indicate the quality, strengths, and weaknesses when it comes to gold. Whether you plan on selling your gold, buying gold, or accessorizing with gold items, […]

7 Ways to Tell If the Gold You’re Purchasing is Real

Gold is one of the most valuable and sought-after commodities on the planet. Because of its value, inexpensive jewelry can be made to look more expensive if it appears to contain gold, even if that gold is fake. If you have a gold item, whether it is scrap or a valuable heirloom, you may be interested

7 Ways to Take Care of Your Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is very popular these days, but did you know that it needs regular care for it to maintain its brilliance? You probably already have what you need at home to properly take care of your gold jewelry, so keep reading to learn the best practices for cleaning and polishing.

How to Change Time on a Rolex Watch

Setting your Rolex isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Most Rolex watches wind and set in much the same way, but if you need to set your watch to display the correct day, date, and time, these steps can help. Whether you have an older Rolex or a newer timepiece generation, you can wind […]

Valuable Nickels: Which Coins are Worth the Most?

Most of the coins in your pocket, purse or couch cushions aren’t worth more than face value. Cynics might even say most nickels aren’t even worth keeping! However, jingling around with all of that common metal money, you just might find rare nickels worth much more than their original five-cent amount.Many US nickels are prized […]

How to Clean Coins

Old coins can get dirty, grimy and corroded over time. Coins spend decades in pockets, purses, drawers, banks, hands, dirt, and even gutters. All of that action and activity is bound to take its toll and cause years of built-up grime. It is natural to want to turn back the clock and remove all of […]

What is the Best Way to Sell Gold?

Did you strike gold? Do you have a few pieces of your grandma’s favorite jewelry that you don’t want? Sell it! It’s simple to sell gold and bring home cash you can use. But make sure you get the most for your gold pieces. We’ll help you with the best way to sell gold. Stay […]


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