Buy Gold In Las Vegas NV

Buy Gold In Las Vegas NV

How to Buy Gold in
Las Vegas, NV

Gold, whether in the form of bars, coins, or jewelry, is a good way to diversify your portfolio. Other forms of investments often fluctuate with changing markets, while gold usually holds or even increases in value. An unpredictable global outlook can panic investors and cause the stock market, real estate, and cash values to decrease. During these times, gold generally remains stable. If you’re thinking of buying gold as an investment, your first step is to find a reputable gold seller like Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers.

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What is gold?

What Are Reasons To Buy Gold?

The value of gold is recognized globally and is a smart way to have liquid assets. Because gold is recognized for its wealth and beauty, you can sell it anytime. Savvy investors buy gold in several forms to balance their other assets and diversify their investment portfolios.

There’s only so much gold available in the earth, making it scarce and in high demand. As gold gets mined and becomes even more scarce, the value will rise. Historic gold coins have even more significant value based on their condition, rarity, and age. Collectors of historic gold coins find them an attractive investment not only for their weight and karats but also for their historical significance.

Buying gold is a way to hedge against inflation and diversify your portfolio as well as a discreet way to build wealth.

How Do I Buy Gold?

First, decide what type of gold you want to buy. Some investors buy gold bars, which you can buy by the gram, ounce, or higher weights. Keep in mind when buying bars or bullions that for the gold to have investment quality, they need to be at least 99.5% pure gold. Our gold experts will let you know the purity of any gold bullion you buy.

Gold coins are one of the most popular ways to buy physical gold. While they’re generally about 91.67% gold, they hold their value because they actually have a face value. Popular gold coins to invest in are the U.S. Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand, American Buffalo, and Chinese Gold Panda.

When you buy gold jewelry, look for jewelry that’s 18 karat or 14 karat. While 24-karat gold is 99.90% pure gold, it’s very soft and prone to damage. On the lower spectrum, 10-karat gold is only 41.70% pure and has a lower value. Most fine jewelry is made with 14- or 18-karat gold because of its durability. The purity of 14-karat gold is 58.30%, and 18-karat gold is 75% pure.

Whichever form of gold you want to buy, be sure to purchase it from a reputable dealer.

Where Do I Buy Gold?

While you can buy gold online, from pawn shops, or from individuals, choosing to buy from a reputable gold seller will give you peace of mind that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for. In addition, you’ll know that the piece or pieces you’re buying come from a legitimate source and that the seller truthfully represents the gold’s purity and value.

At Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers, we sell all U.S. gold coins, U.S. Gold and Silver American Eagle singles and sets, and rare silver coins, such as the highly desirable Morgan Dollar. We also buy silver, such as jewelry and flatware.

What Should I Look for in Gold Sellers?

Look for a gold seller with a solid reputation that has return customers, such as us at Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers. We have a national reputation for being one of the most trusted buyers and sellers of gold in the nation.

A gold seller should have certifications attesting to their knowledge and commitment as trustworthy sellers and buyers of gold jewelry, coins, and watches. As gold sellers, we’re a trusted coin buyer with certifications from the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and the Professional Coin Grading Services. We’re also members of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors and the International Watch and Jewelry Guild. These certifications and memberships attest to the skill our staff has in evaluating and appraising gold.

You also want to look for gold sellers who have an experienced team. Our coin and gold appraisal team brings years of expertise in purchasing gold jewelry, watches, coins, and collectibles. In addition, you want a gold seller who delivers exemplary customer service, can answer gold-related questions, and is transparent and honest about the entire gold-buying and selling process.

Finally, you want a gold seller who offers competitive pricing, understands the latest market information, and serves you with professionalism and respect with a fair and honest business transaction.

We meet all these criteria at Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers.

Buy Gold at Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers Today

If you have gold jewelry or coins you no longer want, stop by Las Vegas Gold and Coin Buyers. We have a solid reputation for paying fair prices and are the Las Vegas area’s premier gold sellers. When you stop by our Las Vegas, Nevada, showroom, we’ll assess the value of your gold and give you a no-obligation offer. You can sell gold to us or buy pieces of gold, platinum, or silver to give as gifts or for yourself. Our team at Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers looks forward to helping you buy gold or silver today.

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