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Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers wants to give you top cash value for your unwanted coin collections. We are especially interested in rare dollars minted from 1935 and earlier. Our team of professional appraisers will carefully explain the value of each dollar coin and make you an immediate cash offer. We have prepared this guide to help you understand what dollar coins we are interested in buying. If you have any additional questions about the value of your coin collection, call or visit us today!

1794 flowing hair dollar

Early U.S. Dollar Coins

The first dollar coins were minted in the United States in 1794 using silver. That first dollar coin has become known as the “Liberty with Flowing Hair” and it is extremely valuable. The “Liberty with Flowing Hair” dollar coin was only minted from 1794 – 1795. These coins are surprisingly heavy weighing 27 grams. A large amount of the silver that was used to create these coins was donated by George Washington’s estate. About a year and a half later, the design of the dollar coin changed. Lady Liberty was given a fuller bustline and the coin has become known as the “Draped Bust Liberty.” This coin was also made of silver and minted from 1795 – 1803. It is considered a rare and extremely valuable collector’s item. In 1804 there was a silver shortage in the country and for the next 32 years, no silver coins were produced.

The 1804 “Bowed Liberty Dollar” coin is often known as the “King of Coins.” It is truly one of the rarest and most valuable collector’s items in the world. Interestingly, the 1804 silver dollars were actually minted in many years later than their date would make you believe. There are only 15 known “Bowed Liberty Dollars” in the world. The first 8 were struck in 1834, 1 coin was struck in 1857 and the remaining 6 were struck sometime between 1858 and 1860. Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers is one of the few coin appraisers on the west coast who can pay true cash value for these rare silver dollars. To speak to a knowledgeable representative, call (702) 553-3807.

1804 Dollar

We Buy Dollar Coins from 1836 – 1935

The Seated Liberty Dollar was minted from 1840 to 1873 and designed by famed engraver Christian Gobrecht. It was the last dollar coin to be struck with silver before the use of silver was stopped between 1873 -78. In 1866, the Seated Liberty Dollar became the first coin to say, “In God We Trust” or alternatively “In God Our Trust.” The Seated Liberty Dollar coin is rare and extremely valuable. Beginning with the California gold rush in 1849, gold dollars began to be struck as well. From 1849-1889, gold dollars became an increasingly common form of currency.

The gold dollars produced in this period are the smallest coin in U.S. history (13mm across). During the Civil War, production of gold dollars was high in order to pay foreign countries during the war. For this reason, these coins did not get much circulation and most are in very good condition today. In 1873, the United States began to produce the “Trade Dollar” made mostly of silver. Trade dollars did not circulate much in the United States early on and for the most part were sent to Asia. Many of these coins have chopmarks because Asian merchants needed to verify their authenticity.

Most of these coins were returned to the Treasury by 1887 and there remain only a few non-mutilated coins which hold tremendous value. One of the most common coins we see at Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers is the “Morgan Dollar” which was produced from 1878-1904; 1921). This is one of the most commonly collected coins in the world. We are constantly in the market for Morgan Dollars. In 1921, the “Morgan Dollar” was replaced by the “Peace Dollar.”

The two coins look similar on the front of the coin, but Anthony de Francisci who produced the “Peace Dollar,” added the word “Liberty” and brought back the motto “In God We Trust.” The “Peace Dollar” commemorates the historic peace treaties ending World War I was comprised mainly of silver. During the Great Depression, production of the “Peace Dollar” was halted between 1928-1934. There was also a release of these coins in 1964.

1849 ONE DOLLAR GOLD Type 1 Liberty Head Obv 1
morgan dollar
seated liberty dollar
trade dollar

Should I Clean My Coins Before Selling Them?

No. In fact, we do not recommending cleaning your rare coins at all. Numismatists and collectors prefer rare coins that have been untampered. If you wish to get top dollar for your valuable coins, it’s best to leave them untouched.

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