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Reliable Gold and Silver Buyers in Las Vegas

Are you searching for “gold and silver buyers near me” because you’ve got items to sell? At Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Exchange, we pride ourselves on offering top dollar for your precious metals and providing a professional, comfortable environment where every customer is treated with the utmost respect. Why Choose Las Vegas Jewelry and […]

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The Most Valuable US Coins

U.S. coins make fascinating collectibles, as they’re a distinctive piece of history. Combine their fascinating backstories with valuable materials and beautiful designs, and you have some of the most sought-after pieces in the country. Here are some of the most valuable U.S. coins in existence. 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle ($20,165,100) The U.S. minted the Saint-Gaudens

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Rare Coins

What Coins Are Silver?

Silver coins were once widely used in circulation. However, this practice has long since stopped, and silver coins are more precious today than they were in the past. The color of a coin has little to do with its composition, and many coins that look silver are not made with this metal. Understanding which coins

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How to Grade Coins

Image via Flickr by Mathieu Stern Appraisers consider a variety of factors when grading coins. Their assessment estimates each coin’s market value, indicating how much one could get for selling their coins. This guide will show you how we grade coins following some of the most common methods. Sell Your Coins Call Us Examine Coins

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