Why You Should Buy Silver Instead of Gold

Why You Should Buy Silver Instead of Gold

Gold tends to outshine the rest in most discussions on precious metal investing. And while the spotlight on gold may make it seem like the only worthy investment, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Do some of gold’s disadvantages have you questioning whether you should buy it? If so, you should shift your focus to silver instead. This precious metal is valuable, has a low price point, and holds its worth through inflation or volatile market conditions. Here’s a look at how you can protect your money and earn more by buying silver instead of gold.

Why You Should Buy Silver Instead of Gold: Top Four Reasons

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Despite the high fluctuation of gold prices, silver is a more suitable investment with the potential to outperform the former in the long run. But why is that the case? Here are the top four reasons why it’s better to buy silver than gold:

Silver Has More Practical Uses Than Gold

Gold typically carries a monetary value that investors rely on as a safety cushion during unstable economic conditions. In contrast, silver excels regardless of the economy because it has more practical uses in the industrial and technological sectors, such as creating electronics or solar cells. This application drives demand for silver and holds its worth across all economies during stable and unstable conditions.

Silver Stockpiles Are on a Decline

Albeit gradually, the global collection of silver is beginning to decline, with the potential to worsen over the coming years. This downturn is good news for silver investors because it drives the demand for this precious metal. Silver’s industrial applications, such as solar panels or wiring, can also increase demand. So when demand rises during silver shortages, silver prices increase, allowing you to capitalize on your initial investment.

Silver Is Less Expensive To Buy Than Gold

Do you want to own a large quantity of an investment? If you do, silver is an excellent option. Being more common than gold makes silver cheaper. This means you can buy a large amount of silver for less than the cost of an ounce of gold and earn a decent profit. Investing in silver is also a safe way to diversify your investment portfolio since its inexpensive cost allows you to buy a sizable portion.

Silver Is a Safe-Haven Asset

A safe-haven asset is an investment that maintains its value during market volatility. Thus, this asset can protect you from financial losses during a market downturn. Silver is a broadly recognized safe-haven asset because of its ability to hold its worth regardless of whether there’s a good or bad economy. This precious metal also provides inflation protection. This means that while other items often lose their value, silver prices will increase. Silver’s potential to hold its purchasing power during inflation makes it a safe long-term investment.

Is Silver a Good Investment?

As we stated above, silver is a great investment for several reasons: its low cost means you can own more, its industrial and technological applications raise its value, and future demand for the precious metal will likely continue to increase. In contrast, gold is expensive, which may make it harder for you to make large investments. Moreover, its limited practical uses will impact the need for it in the future. 

Are you new to investing and are looking to take on limited risk on an asset with a low price point? If you are, silver is your best bet. Its easy entry point will give you lots of breathing room if you’re just getting started with your investment portfolio. And if you decide to hold onto it for a long time, you can secure your investment for long-term growth. Alternatively, you can sell it for a reasonable profit when prices increase during a silver shortage and demand is high.

How To Buy Silver: A Guide for Investing in Physical Silver

Ready to invest in silver but need help figuring out where to start? If so, here are your best options for adding physical silver to your investment portfolio.

Silver Bullions

Silver bullions are tangible assets as valuable as they are satisfying to touch and hold. They exist in rounds, bars, or ingots at bullion marketplaces. Making a silver bar involves pouring molten silver into a bar mold and pressing it with vital information, including weight, purity, and manufacture year. You can also buy silver bullion from second-hand markets, such as silver collectors selling their inventories.

Silver Coins

You might already have silver coins in your possession. Rummage through your old coins or piggy bank and look for U.S. silver coins dated 1964 or earlier, which typically contain 90% silver. 

Or would you rather buy newer silver coins? If so, you can visit a local pawn shop or coin dealer to buy American Silver Eagles, British Silver Britannias, or Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins. These newer coins are made during or after the 1980s and contain 99.9% pure silver. Liquidity helps silver coins maintain their high premiums, and they still function as currency because governments back them. There’s also a desire to collect them because of their unique designs and global marketability, including demand from countries such as Mexico, China, and Australia.

Sterling Silver

Consider buying sterling silver from a trusted dealer, including flatware, tableware, and jewelry. You might already own sterling silver in the form of water pitchers, tea sets, or candelabras. Whether antique, modern, American, or foreign, remember that this precious metal holds incredible value.

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