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What is the Best Way to Sell Gold?

Diamond and Gold Rings

Did you strike gold?

Do you have a few pieces of your grandma’s favorite jewelry that you don’t want?

Sell it!

It’s simple to sell gold and bring home cash you can use. But make sure you get the most for your gold pieces.

We’ll help you with the best way to sell gold.

Stay Away From Pawn Shops

Pawn dealers know you are in desperate need of cash when you walk in their door.

They are also not jewelry experts. They won’t know what your gold is worth.

Pawn dealers offer low-ball amounts for your valuables. And know that more often than not, people settle for whatever cash they offer in exchange for their items.

Pawn dealers want to pay as little as they can to resell your items. You’ll make more money with a jewelry expert.

Do Your Research

You don’t have to be a jewelry expert, either. But spend a little time learning how to sell gold jewelry before you leave the house with your bag of gold.

Know a bit about purity. 24-karat gold is the purity that typically gets full price. Prices go down from there as the clarity gets lower.

Gold-plating is a thin covering of gold over another metal. Your grandma’s gold-plated earrings might be stunning. But they won’t sell for very much, if at all.

Get Organized

When selling gold jewelry, make an inventory list of any jewelry items you plan to sell.

Then organize the items into piles of what you think is most valuable to least valuable.

Solid gold goes in one pile. Lower gold purities in the next pile. And anything that is gold-plated goes in a pile that stays home.

When working with a reputable gold dealer, time is money. Do the sorting and listing before you go.

You’ll find your dealer might give you a better deal if he’s not lost in a mixed pile of questionable jewelry for a few hours.

Weigh It

Now that you’ve sorted your gold into piles by purity, it’s time to weigh it.

Weight along with the purity helps determine the value.

Use a small kitchen or postal scale and weigh each piece separately. Then use an online calculator like Dendritics to find the current value by weight in real time.

Time it Right

There’s no right or wrong time to sell your gold jewelry. But you can time it to get the most bang for your jewels.

Early in the year is the best time to sell gold–right after the New Year and before Valentine’s Day.

If you’re thinning out your jewelry stash at home during spring and summer, hold onto it until the fall. Prices go up again toward the end of the year with holiday shopping.

The Best Way to Sell Gold is With Us

We are your answer to the best way to sell gold.

As the #1 gold buyers in Las Vegas #1, we offer top price for your gold. Your gold will be in the hands of experts, and we’ll make sure to get you the best deal.

Are you curious about how it all works? Contact us with any questions before stopping in with your gold.


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