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How To Sell My Bullion in Las Vegas

People use gold bullion as a form of currency and investment. The value of gold is not tied to any other currency or commodity, making it a secure investment during times of economic instability. Gold is also a valuable resource in manufacturing electronics and other consumer goods.

When you want to sell gold bullion, things to consider include finding a reputable buyer and determining the value of your gold. Gold bullion’s weight determines its price, so knowing the weight and purity of your item will help you get the best return possible. Read on for a helpful guide to selling bullion in Las Vegas.

What Is Gold Bullion?

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Bullion refers to the content of precious metal in an item, such as gold or silver. Bullion is metal with a high purity percentage and is often in the form of ingots or bars. The bars are stamped with a mint maker’s mark and a purity imprint specifying the percentage of gold. The London Bullion Market Association sets specific criteria to oversee fair global trade in gold and silver bars. The Good Delivery standards are precise guidelines that specify the size, weight, and purity of these precious metals.

The most common bullion items investors use are ingots, bars, and coins. Originally, gold coins were the most popular way for consumers to hold gold. Today, refiners create gold bars specifically for the investment market.

Gold Ingots

Gold ingots are bars or bricks created by pouring molten gold into a mold, usually rectangular. Ingots are raw gold that the purchaser will turn into something else, like jewelry or coins. They are a specific size and weight and must meet a standard of gold purity. The refiner inscribes the ingots with purity, origin, weight, and size during production. Since gold ingots are simple to produce and have a lower purity requirement than gold coins, their price point is lower than the spot price of gold on the market.

Gold Bars

Gold bars are similar to ingots, but the manufacturing process varies slightly. While ingots are cast in a mold, manufacturers create gold bars by pressing or stamping them. Instead of requiring the high heat necessary for liquefying gold to pour, it’s much easier to soften the metal and press it into gold bars, which makes manufacturing significantly cheaper. Pressed bars are usually smaller than poured ingots.

Gold bars and ingots must meet Good Delivery standards of manufacturing, labeling, and recording. Kilobars and 1 troy ounce gold bars are the standard sizes for trading and investment purposes. To meet Good Delivery specifications, a standard gold bar weighs one troy ounce and must contain a minimum purity of 99.5% gold.

Gold Coins

Collectors often purchase gold coins for investing purposes. National governments issue gold bullion coins as legal tender, providing security in the value of coins for investors. Rare and commemorative coins are popular since their importance can increase their value. Many investors prefer coins for the aesthetic value since they look prettier than gold bars. Coins are also easy to store and transport.

Coins made from bullion can have a better chance of liquidity for investors than gold bars. Traders base the price of gold coins on both the value of the gold bullion in them and the value of the particular currency. Due to the gold content, this usually results in coins being worth more than the face value of the legal tender.

The purity standard for gold bullion coins is generally 90% or 91.6%, but some coins are as pure as 99.9%. Trained experts can appraise your coins to determine their purity and value.

What’s the Difference Between Gold and Gold Bullion?

Gold refers to any object containing gold metal, such as jewelry. Gold bullion distinguishes high-purity gold valued by specifying the percentage of gold in the item. Thus, bullion’s value isn’t dependent on the form of the item, but on its purity level.

What Determines the Value and Price of Gold Bullion?

Bullion is generally in a bar shape, not in the product’s final form. Once bullion is converted into jewelry, its form determines its value instead of its gold content. Thus, the price of jewelry fluctuates according to styles and trends. But these don’t affect the rate of the bullion, since bullion’s value comes from the percentage of gold content.

The current market value of gold bullion is the “spot” price. The price of gold changes due to market conditions and other factors, such as current events or supply and demand. Although the spot price constantly fluctuates, it remains the same globally at any point in time.

What Is the Current Price of Gold Bullion?

You can find out the current spot price of gold bullion in an online search. If you need assistance finding this, call 702-919-6480 and one of our buyers can help you find the price and answer questions about selling gold bullion.

What Makes Gold Bullion a Good Investment?

Gold’s enduring value makes it one of the most valuable precious metals. Although the price of gold fluctuates, its inherent value remains stable over time, making gold a popular investment choice. Gold is also an essential industrial metal for manufacturing products like computers and communications equipment.

The properties that make gold so valuable are its durability, malleability, and scarcity. Gold is durable, unlike most other metals, because it resists rust and tarnishing. Gold’s malleability allows jewelers and manufacturers to shape it into coins, jewelry, and other forms easily and cost-effectively. Gold’s impressive assets make it valuable for creating medical and electronic devices. The scarcity of gold also increases its investment value over other precious metals and commodities.

How Do I Sell Gold Bullion in Las Vegas?

Finding a reputable and trustworthy buyer is important when you’re ready to sell gold bullion. Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers is a team of experienced professionals ready to help you sell gold bullion in Las Vegas. Simply bring your gold to our Henderson branch and we can help you evaluate its worth. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have about selling bullion in Las Vegas.