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Some nickels are worth a whole lot more than five cents. At Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers, we pay top dollar for collectible pieces. In 1938, the Jefferson nickel was introduced and became widely circulated. Prior to that, there were various nickel designs that are now much rarer and considerably more valuable. 

MS65 shield nickel mod

Nickels made prior to 1938 include the Shield nickel, the Liberty Head or “V” nickel and the Buffalo nickel. The Shield nickel was produced between 1866 and 1883, and is a rare find today. Shield nickels are now worth thousands of dollars. In 1883, Shield nickels were replaced with Liberty Head nickels. These coins, which featured the head of Liberty and the Roman numeral “V” for 5 on the reverse side, were in production until 1913. 

buffalo nickel

In 1913, Liberty Head Nickels were replaced by Buffalo, or Indian Head Nickels. From 1913 to 1938, Buffalo nickels were in wide circulation. After 1938, they became more rare and collectible after being replaced by the Jefferson nickel. At Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers, we buy and sell pre-1938 nickels as well as nickels produced between 1942 and 1945. During these years, nickel was needed for World War II so five-cent coins instead consisted of a mix of copper and silver. Coins produced during these years are rare and fetch a high price from collectors. If you’re interested in rare and collectable nickels from before 1938 or between 1942 and 1945, contact Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers. We’re a coin dealer you can trust to give you the best rates!

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