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Before 1964, many US coins, including dimes, quarters and half dollars were made of 90% silver. The silver content of these coins give them value today. If you have silver dimes, quarters and half dollars, you may be able to sell them for cash. At Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers, our professional appraisers will check your coins to determine their value and give you what they’re worth. If you’ve got Roosevelt dimes from 1946-1964, Mercury dimes from 1916-1945 or Washington quarters from 1932-1964, then you may be able to sell your coins for cash. We also buy silver half dollars for cash. 1964 Kennedy half dollars, Franklin half dollars from 1948-1963 and Walking Liberty half dollars from 1916-1947 all contain 90% silver and are valuable to coin collectors and coin dealers.

mercury 1916 large

I Have a Rare Silver Coin. Should I Clean It?

If you wish to retain its resale value, we do not recommend cleaning it. Collectors and rare coin buyers generally prefer rare coins with natural corrosion from age.

1964 d roosevelt dime

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Bring your pre-1964 silver coins to Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers to have them appraised by our expert staff. Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers has earned a reputation for offering the highest cash offer anywhere for rare coins and currency. Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers has been appraising rare silver coins for decades. We offer the best prices when we buy and sell rare coins. Call today!