The Best Thai Food in Las Vegas, NV

The Best Thai Food in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas is known for its gambling scene and high-quality entertainment, but it also has several Thai food restaurants worth visiting. If you’re looking for somewhere new to eat, you can check out our list of some of the best Thai food restaurants in Las Vegas.

Le Thai

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Le Thai is a quaint Thai restaurant in Las Vegas with two locations, one on West Charleston Boulevard and the other on Fremont Street. The interiors of these restaurants are homey and welcoming with comfy woven chairs and aesthetic wooden tables. You’ll also find artwork of elephants, Thailand’s national animal, on the walls and interior plants hanging from the ceilings that give the establishments a fresh and natural aesthetic.

Le Thai has weekday lunch specials from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. You can stop in to enjoy a hearty meal like Three Color Curry with steamed rice, spicy eggplant with steamed rice, or massaman curry with steamed rice. Depending on what meal you pick, you may have your choice of meat like chicken, pork, beef, tofu, or shrimp. Each lunch special comes with a fountain drink, or you can upgrade to a Thai coffee or Thai iced tea for a small additional charge.

If you come in for dinner, Le Thai has an expansive menu that’ll leave your mouth watering. Some of its most delicious appetizers include the crab rangoon, pork belly bacon, Thai-style wings, and nam tok (waterfall beef). Before you move on to your main meal, you can opt for the hot and sour tom yum soup or the refreshing sum tum papaya salad.

Some of the most popular entrees at Le Thai are stir-fry dishes. You can choose steamed white or brown rice when you get a stir-fry dish like ga pow, pad prik king, spicy eggplant, or mixed vegetables. Le Thai also offers fried rice dishes, noodles, and curries.

If you have a sweet tooth, Le Thai will satisfy you. You can order mango and sweet sticky rice, fried bananas, or roti with Nutella spread, powdered sugar, and condensed milk to conclude your meal.

Komol Restaurant

Komol Restaurant has been in business since 1986 and continues to impress local Las Vegas residents and tourists alike. It prepares authentic Thai recipes that are free of MSG. The chefs have also created an expensive menu of vegetarian and vegan menu items. You can order any vegetarian item on the menu and request the chefs to prepare a vegan version. They omit fish sauce, dairy, and animal products and use ingredients like vegetable oil, organic sugar, and soybean sauce.

Komol Restaurant pays special consideration to the different palates their customers have. You can order any meal in a mild, medium, hot, or Thai hot version, and the chefs will prepare it accordingly. The staff is always more than happy to help guests order meals they’ll like based on spice and flavor preferences.

Some of the most popular dishes for patrons who eat meat are duck-based. One of our favorite duck dishes is the Angel Duck, which consists of boneless and sauteed duck with green onions, carrots, black mushrooms, baby corn, and snow peas. The curry dishes are also quite tasty, and some of your options are Chicken Indian, red or green Kang-Ped Delight, panang, and massaman curries.

Arawan Thai Bistro and Dessert

Arawan Thai Bistro and Dessert is a popular Thai restaurant on East Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas. The chefs make every dish to order using the finest ingredients available, so you’ll always receive a fresh meal. Like Komol Restaurant, this establishment is vegetarian- and vegan-friendly. The chefs can prepare most menu items without fish sauce, eggs, and oyster sauce to help meet customers’ dietary needs. This bistro offers online ordering and can accommodate large in-person groups if you call ahead.

You can order from the designated lunch menu if you’re coming in for lunch. Some popular lunch items include pad thai, stir-fried broccoli, garlic short ribs, and yellow curry. Each lunch dish includes a dessert item, such as the molten chocolate cake with strawberry ice cream.

If you’re coming in for dinner, you have a wide range of menu items to review. You can start with delicious appetizers like Thai-style calamari, chicken satay bites, or red curry fish cakes. As far as entrees go, some of Arawan Thai Bistro and Dessert’s most popular dishes include rib-eye crispy basil, short rib massaman curry, and salmon panang.

Baan Thai Restaurant

Baan Thai Restaurant is another go-to Thai restaurant in Las Vegas, and it resides on Spring Mountain Road. You can choose various curries, pan-fried noodle dishes, pan-fried rice dishes, and vegetarian dishes. Some of the main entrees include the Garlic Lover, Broccoli Delight, Ginger Garden, Cashew, and Phra Ram Long Song. With these entrees, you have your choice of pork or chicken. You can also have your choice of beef, shrimp, soy chicken, or soy beef for a small additional fee.

If you follow a vegetarian diet, you can find several dishes that are suitable for you. For instance, you can get vegetarian fried rice, vegetarian chow mein, vegetarian curry, or orange tofu. You can pair your meal with one of several available beverage items. If you want to stick with what you know, you can order a soda or regular iced tea. You may also try a beverage item like a Thai iced tea with or without boba or a Thai coffee.

End your meal on a sweet note with one of the various dessert items. For something fruity, you can get the banana pie or the mango sticky rice. Other options include the sweet roti or the Baan Thai Cheesecake.

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