The 3 Most Traded US Gold Coins

The 3 Most Traded US Gold Coins

The history, production, and design of United States currency provide a vast collection of rare and valuable pieces. Coin collectors and enthusiasts often seek to trade, buy, and sell unique and historical gold coins as sentimental pieces or investment options. American currency offers many coins that reflect the history and values of the country and vary in age, design, value, and composition. Collectors may have an interest in learning about and finding the three most traded U.S. gold coins and the stories behind them as they work to build their personal collections and portfolios.

The purchasing of gold coins also offers an investment opportunity as the price and value of gold increase over time. The United States Mint continues to produce and sell a limited quantity of gold coins each year with varying purity levels and material compositions. Coins that contain high purity, weight, and karat count of gold serve as investment opportunities for things such as IRA funds and personal savings for those who know how to find and purchase the right pieces. Investing in gold can provide stable and untaxed income for individuals who understand the value and market for gold investments.

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin

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The American Eagle gold bullion coin is a 22-karat gold coin etched with the image of Lady Liberty on one side and a majestic bald eagle on the other side. The U.S. government originally minted the coin with 1 ounce of gold mined and sourced entirely from the United States as the first major coin produced after the Bullion Coin Act of 1985. Purity rates for this coin average just over 91% pure gold, with other materials such as silver and copper also present.

Collectors and investors can acquire the American Eagle gold bullion coin in tenth, quarter, half, or 1-ounce weights with varying values for each. Collectors hold the American Eagle coin as a representation of the founding of American values and currency. Traders and collectors often buy, sell, and trade these coins, as they appear less rare and valuable than others. Originally printed in 1986, the coin remains relatively new, but it holds significance to collectors who enjoy the American history behind it.

The U.S. Mint continues to print a limited number of these coins every year for investors and collectors. Those looking to invest in gold can benefit from the high purity rate and varying sizes of the American Eagle coin, as it allows for varying initial costs while maintaining a high return value.

American Buffalo Gold Coin

The American Buffalo gold coin is a 24-karat piece of gold with extreme popularity among collectors. The coin boasts one of the highest purity rates at 99.99% fineness and was the first pure gold piece available for public sale. Collectors also enjoy the variances that occur in each of these coins, including different thicknesses and irregular edges.

The coin features an image of a buffalo on the face and the profile of a Native American on the back. Collectors regard and trade these coins as valuable pieces because of their high purity, varying styles, and representation of American history.

The American Buffalo coin remains relatively recent, with production and sales beginning in the year 2006. The production of these coins aims to serve as investment pieces for individuals interested in purchasing and trading gold. This coin has become an extremely valuable piece for investors and collectors. Limited quantities of American Buffalo gold coins remain produced and sold by the U.S. Mint as investment opportunities and collector items, as the price of gold continues to increase consistently.

United States Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Gold Coin

The United States Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin offers both symbolic and tangible value. The U.S. Mint produced this coin between the years 1907 and 1933, and President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned the coin in an act to beautify American currencies. This coin’s short production life makes it a rare collector’s item and prompts some collectors to deem the coin a valuable piece of history.

Various years and mintage cycles for the Double Eagle contain pieces printed with slightly redesigned images. The variance in design adds to the rarity and value of certain items, and collectors look for sets of these coins that include multiple years and designs.

The U.S. Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle coin holds similar popularity and meaning to the American Eagle coin. The Saint-Gaudens features Lady Liberty holding the torch over a bright and hopeful-looking field on the front side. On the back of the coin, a bald eagle soars majestically in front of the rising sun.

Collectors view these images as the hope and future of an early America with patriotism and American values. This coin has seen a recent increase in availability and popularity, making it one of the most traded coins in recent years, and many collectors seek these items to add to their personal collections.

These are just a few of the most common and valuable American coins in circulation today. Gold and coins can add value to your portfolio and display a piece of the nation’s history. Collectors and investors looking for these commonly traded coins or other rare pieces can view our collection online or contact us about trades and sales. Customers looking to cash in on their gold investments can sell or trade pieces in our shop and feel secure in the appraisals and values assigned by our team of trained experts.

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