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Great Family-Friendly Attractions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas may have a reputation for grown-up entertainment, but this metropolis caters to kids as well as parents. There are plenty of attractions in Vegas that are made for the whole family, whether you need an enriching place for your toddler to explore or a thrilling experience for your teens. Check out some of […]

Watch Appraisal Guide

Buying or selling a watch requires an expert eye, but if this is your first time doing a watch appraisal, it’s important to be aware of what the experts look for by knowing the answers to the most fundamental questions. Here is what you can expect from a watch appraisal. Get Your Watch Appraised Call Us […]

Things to Sell Around the House

When you need to make money fast, you can look around your own house to find valuables to sell. From garage sales to online marketplaces to swap meets to resale shops, there are plenty of channels you can use to find buyers for things you just have lying around or sitting in storage. Small items […]

How Do You Clean Sterling Silverware?

When you have fine silverware, it’s important to do regular cleaning to keep it nice and shiny. Whether you acquired an old family heirloom or recently purchased your silver, there are many ways to remove tarnish that develops. Follow these techniques to clean your sterling silverware.The Importance of Taking Care of Sterling SilverwareSterling silverware is […]

How to Sell Estate Jewelry

Organizing someone’s estate can be challenging. Honoring your lost loved one is so important, but retaining all of their possessions isn’t always practical. Selling precious items such as jewelry is often lucrative, allows you to reduce the number of items you have to keep yourself, and can help you more easily move on from your loss. If […]

What’s a Better Investment: Gold or Silver?

If you’re interested in expanding your investment repertoire with gold or silver, you may be wondering which precious metal is worth more. There are several important distinctions between these two metals that you should be aware of before making your decision. The most important question, of course, is which metal is a better investment: gold […]

Do you Need a Palladium Buyer?

At Las Vegas Jewelry & Coin Buyers Inc., we’ve been in the business for well over 20 years. We have plenty of experience buying and selling international coins, currency, jewelry, and fine metals. For added convenience, we function on both a local and national scale.

7 Ways to Tell If the Gold You’re Purchasing is Real

Gold is one of the most valuable and sought-after commodities on the planet. Because of its value, inexpensive jewelry can be made to look more expensive if it appears to contain gold, even if that gold is fake. If you have a gold item, whether it is scrap or a valuable heirloom, you may be interested


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