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If you’re looking to sell jewelry or coins, you want to make sure you put your items in hands of experts you can trust. Experts that understand the latest features in metal detector technology and appraisal technology that can help ensure you get the best possible price for any item you want to sell.

Why Is Technology Important?

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Technology has revolutionized so many aspects of our daily lives. From communication to buying and selling items, technology has a role in just about everything. That’s certainly true in the realm of jewelry, coins, and other valuables. Whether you’re looking to sell your coins or jewelry like diamonds and more, the latest technology will play a big part in the process. You can use this guide to better understand the different technology out there in terms of appraisals, inspections, and assessments of jewelry and coins.

Why Should I Get an Item Appraised?

First off, an appraisal of your jewelry, coins, or other valuable objects does a few things. You can expect an appraisal to:

  • Describe an item.
  • Assess an item’s relative quality.
  • Assign a value to an item.

Descriptions in an appraisal typically include both measurable or analyzable facts as well as subjective features.

Measurable/analyzable facts include:

  • Weight.
  • Materials.
  • Markings.

Subjective features include:

  • Gemstone quality.
  • Relative rarity.
  • Overall quality.

There are various reasons to get an item you own appraised. These reasons include:

  • Protecting an item by purchasing insurance to cover it.
  • Assessing the value of an item you inherited.
  • Preparing to sell an item.

What Technology Is Used for Jewelry?

Technology can play an important role in the cleaning of fine gold jewelry:

  • An ultrasonic cleaning machine should be used for proper cleaning of certain gold pieces, particularly jewelry without colored gemstones.

Diamond technology has seen countless advances in recent years, for creation and assessment:

  • Lab-grown diamonds now exist. High-pressure, high-heat chambers create diamonds in a lab that are equivalent to natural diamonds.
  • Bruting, cutting, and automated polishing are now even more exacting processes with the help of computer software to perfect the size and shape, within a fraction of a millimeter.
  • 360-degree 3D viewers can create a view of a diamond from every angle, showing accurate and dynamic images. You can view a diamond as if you are holding it, even if it’s located thousands of miles away.
  • Automatic scanning and mapping of rough diamonds allows for maximizing the polished yield.
  • Blockchain technology allows for tracing a diamond from its origin through all steps on its path to a customer.

And even laser technology is used in many ways when in comes to diamonds:

  • Inscribing the serial number and maker.
  • Personal inscriptions and messages of love.
  • Cutting diamonds and eliminating knots in the structure (used when different regions have differing crystaline alignment to the principal structure).

What Technology Is Used for Coins?

Various smartphone apps have taken coin assessment to a new level.

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) Apps include:

  • CoinFacts Coin Collecting: This app says it’s the largest encyclopedia of U.S. coins in the world. It has coin images, values, narratives, and auction prices for nearly 40,000 coins. You’ll also find a barcode scanning functionality to look up coins that PCGS has graded.
  • Coin Cert Verification: This standalone app covers the barcode-scanning functionality of the broader CoinFacts Coin Collecting app. You just need to scan the QR code (reverse) or barcode (obverse) on a coin’s label using the app, and you don’t have to type in a coin’s certification number. The app then retrieves information about the coin including date and mintmark, denomination, mintage, grade, and holder type. You will also find the PCGS Population and PCGS Price Guide value. Some coins even have information on the last auction appearance or a high-resolution image.
  • Photograde: You can grade U.S.-issue coin series and Colonial coins using this app. The app includes upwards of 2,000 high-resolution images, drawing from the PCGS reference sets. Images in the app are high-resolution, full color photos of 500×500 pixels. This allows the user to zoom and inspect an image closely. TrueView photography gives clear viewing, even at high zoom. You can use this app to compare a coin with the photographs available to determine the coin’s grade.
  • Price Guide – Coin Values: You’ll find the current retail value for about 15,000 U.S. coins in this app. The app organizes coins by denomination, then type, and then by date and mintmark. It covers all regular U.S. issues in copper, gold, nickel, and silver. You’ll also find bullion coins, colonials, commemorative coins, mint sets, and territorial gold coins and proofs.

Other available apps include:

  • Coinflation: The Coinflation website is incredibly popular for precious metals and coins, and the app gives you access to its database. Features include a live gold and silver price guide, updated every minute, all day long. The app also has four calculators — for U.S. silver coins, base metal coins, silver scrap, and gold scrap — that tell you the melt value of a coin.
  • NGC Cert Verification & Populations: Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has an app that offers NGC Cert verification and access to an augmented NGC Census, along with news. Using this app, you can scan the barcode on the label of a coin certified by NGC. This gives you access to the holder, instant population data, and a price guide. The app includes images of nearly 15 million coins.
  • Euro Coin Collection: This app offers tools for collections that focus on European coins. It features detailed images of 460 coin designs. You’ll also have access to an interactive album. Information for each coin includes its grade, year, mint mark, and edge type. For further exploration, check out the maps and information offered for all 23 Euro area countries.

Advances in technology have transformed the industry. So when it’s time to sell your gold or silver jewelry, diamonds, or coins, you want to work with experts to make sure you get the best value for your precious items. That’s where Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers comes in. Turn to us when you have jewelry or coins you want to sell. We offer expert appraising and will make sure you get a great price. Contact Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers today!

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