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Do you Need a Palladium Buyer?

At Las Vegas Jewelry & Coin Buyers Inc., we’ve been in the business for well over 20 years. We have plenty of experience buying and selling international coins, currency, jewelry, and fine metals. For added convenience, we function on both a local and national scale.

Palladium is now one of the most popular types of metal used in jewelry and even car parts. We’re always looking to appraise and buy palladium from our loyal customer base.

What Is Palladium?

Pure Raw Natural Palladium
“Palladium” by MAURO CATEB is licensed with CC BY 2.0

Palladium is an incredibly valuable type of platinum that’s now used in all types of medical equipment. Though most commonly discovered in the form of jewelry and scrap, it’s becoming increasingly more common in medical equipment as listed below.

Which Forms of Palladium Do We Purchase?

We’re willing to purchase any form of palladium that you have, as long as it’s in decent condition. We’re more interested in the palladium itself rather than where it actually comes from. That means we’ll buy your:

Palladium jewelry

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Watches

Other Common Palladium Items

  • Palladium medical equipment
  • Dental equipment
  • Diabetes test strips
  • Palladium coins
  • American Eagle Palladium Coins
  • Palladium scrap metal
  • Electronic wiring
  • Metal purifiers
  • Car equipment

How to Get the Best Price for Palladium?

The value of palladium and other scrap metals is constantly changing, but there are ways you can keep track of its value. You can easily find the current price of scrap palladium online, then barter.

Keep in mind that the price can change on a daily basis. So, you might not want to wait out the price increase to see how high it gets, as it could drop at any time. Though we can’t control the current market value of palladium, we can guarantee that we’ll pay top-dollar for your palladium scrap and jewelry. 

Why Should I Sell My Palladium to You?

We’re not just experts in coins and currency. We also have over 20 years of experience in the industry buying and selling scrap metals like palladium. What sets us apart from other appraisers and exchanges is that we’ll evaluate your palladium with no additional cost to you. If we agree on a price, we’ll pay you immediately and take your palladium off your hands.

We also function on a national scale, so you don’t have to be native to the Las Vegas area to take advantage of our services. Our goal is to build a positive relationship with all of our clients and offer top dollar for your palladium.

How Much is Palladium Worth?

 Checking current prices of palladium on the internet can be less customized to your owned metal, but you can also come down to our in-person location to have our expert appraisers evaluate the approximate price of your palladium.

We won’t be able to tell how much your palladium is worth until we check the market value, figure out exactly how much palladium you have, and consider the purity of your palladium.

How to Test the Purity of Palladium?

Well, you can’t, but we can! First off, our expert appraisers are highly-skilled and know exactly what to look for when testing a metal or scrap for purity. We can also put your palladium through an acid test to see just how pure it is. If your palladium turns a yellow or green color, then we know it’s real! Once we know it’s real, we’ll offer you top-dollar for any palladium that you might have.

What Affects Palladium’s Value?

There’s a lot more that goes into the value of palladium than the current market trends. You also have to consider:

  • The overall demand for palladium
  • The supply of palladium currently in circulation
  • The price of similar metals or scrap that can be used as alternatives to palladium
  • The actual purity of the palladium
  • The value of the American dollar
  • The time of year

Given this information, it’s pretty likely that the approximate value of your palladium one day will not be the same as it is the next. Timing is everything in this industry and you want to make sure that you’re getting full price for your palladium.

How Shall I Clean My Palladium?

 Since palladium is a pretty durable and strong metal, you’re usually okay to clean it with mild soap and water every once in a while. We recommend that you don’t use any harsh cleaners that can potentially tarnish the quality of the palladium sample.

Don’t feel as if you need to clean the palladium before bringing it down to our location to be appraised. We’ll handle the cleaning process once we make you an offer and buy your palladium from you.

Why Is Palladium in Such High Demand?

 If you have some palladium jewelry or scrap lying around your home, you’re in luck. Palladium is actually considered one of the most valuable metals in today’s market.

The reason for the impressive value of palladium is a high demand and low supply. But it also takes into account how palladium is used, which appears to be in vehicles more and more these days.

What Makes Palladium Popular?

 Aside from the fact that it’s one of the more popular metals used in the creation of jewelry, palladium is so popular because it’s considered a high-end luxury metal that’s comparable to gold and platinum.

Palladium is also considered hypo-allergenic, so it’s great for anyone that usually has an allergic reaction to metal jewelry. Palladium is one of the strongest metals, so it makes for a solid piece of jewelry that’ll last for many years without damage!

Why Get Palladium Insured?

 If you have palladium jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.), you might want to consider getting some insurance on it. That’s because palladium is extremely valuable and would be rather expensive to replace.

Jewelry insurance usually tends to cost about 1% of the total value of your piece of jewelry. When you have palladium jewelry that’s valued at a few thousand dollars, jewelry insurance can be a great investment in the long term.If you are thinking of selling your palladium or you have more questions regarding selling palladium, we’d be happy to help. Simply get in touch by calling or visiting us in person.

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